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Do you dare to set sails with expression?

The ”Dare Yacht” design illustrates a journey with it’s own style.

Inspired by the IMOCA 60 class of sail racing, this creative design has taken shape. The IMOCA is a 60ft racing yacht, designed to be sailed short handed, only by one or two sailors. It is one of the worlds most outragous and modern yachts, design with a box rule. They are sailed in the toughest offshore races around the planet and are often heavily branded all over the yacht. This design is a concept of branding an IMOCA 60 with an abstract flower creation.

DARE08 Flower.png


A printing company asked me to make a line drawing of a Sunsail Catamaran for a t-shirt print. After delivery I went of the rails and branded the yacht Lime.


Creative illustrations, drawn and applied to the performance catamaran Flying Phantom. The idea is to combine two elements that isn't naturally considered together, like animals and sailing.

The Flying Phantom is a small performance catamaran, sailed by two people. It was one of the first smaller catamarans designed to foil (fly above water). The brand of the yachts encourages outrageous branding designs of the boats and have launched several of their own. This is the inspiration behind these graphics.


The design Ghost Rider was brought to attention by Phantom International, who reposted it on their social media - see post

Check out other Flying Phantom graphics on their website



Throw the dice and go sailing.


A creative design of an illustrated Volvo Open 70 with a unique branding. This project was inspired by the branded boats of the Volvo Ocean Race. The Cube is an independent, abstract design that I applied on the yacht to challenged myself in branding. For play, I changed the natural way to apply the cube to the boat, to apply the boat to the cube instead.


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