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Raqs AB as a new and fast growing SEO & webb bureau located in Stockholm, Sweden. The are focused on helping clients bring the best out of their Google Adwords marketing, as well as creating websites with a high SEO feature.  

Initially they went with a dummy logo with their name, just to have a visual on their name. As they grew and got established, they needed a professional logo to match their popular business. 



The name Raqs means dancing in Arabia. One can say they are dancing with Google when hard at work, but the name really springs from the founders great love for dancing. 

The founders for the bureau are playful as people, and they wanted a logo to mirror that. In the brief they most preferred a logo that played on dancing - do something fun they said. At the same time, they wanted the logo to be contemporary, as the company is very digital. The third request was to make the R able to stand alone. 

Spinning on the idea of dancing, the movement of spinning came up. From there I drew up a bunch of spirals, to find the perfect illustration of the movement of dancing - made into an R.


The founders of Raqs requested a palette with a sharp tone as their main colour, they wanted a colourful feel the their brand identity, yet professional. Any of the common tones of blue was not to be included and the palette needed to have contrasting tones for icon illustrations. 

The modest orange became the perfect middle way between a playful yellow and a sharp red. To keep it professional, it is applied carefully only to the sharpest letter in the logo and matched with grey tones. Orange works well with grey. The contrasting additional colour could not be blue, however, it still needed to contrast the orange for website icons and layout design. Looking at analogue colours from blue, we landed in a dark greenish turquoise. It  works well with  the other colours of the palette, doesn't take any attention from  the orange and makes the palette complete. 


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